2021 Fulton Ranch Annual Meeting
Posted on Aug 30th, 2021

This year, the Association had an unprecedented amount of engagement between the 312 votes received and 4 volunteer candidates. As noticed, the meeting was held as a hybrid meeting, with virtual and in person an option for members. 
Elected Member
For the 2021 year election, members were tasked with electing one director to serve the Association as a volunteer member of the Board. In accordance with the majority vote, Karen Farmer was elected to continue her service to the Community. 
Karen has served the Community for the past three years in various officer positions, and is currently serving as the Board President. Karen is honored to have the opportunity to serve another term and looks forward to providing continuity to ongoing projects. 
Congratulations to Karen, and thank you to Brett Bacchus, Greg Ehle and Ed Vail for your interest in serving the Community. Please continue to remain engaged and if you should have interest in serving the Association in a differing capacity, please contact CCMC via the following link for further information. 
2020 Annual Meeting Minutes
The 2020 Annual Meeting Minutes were approved as written per the majority vote of the Community. The document will be made available within the documents section of the Association website. 
2021 IRS Ruling:
The 2021 IRS Ruling was approved by the membership in the 2021 election. A "yes" vote approves the election under Revenue Ruling 70-604 to "rollover"any excess "member income" from the current tax year to the next tax year. While the Board of Directors make every attempt to budget assessments to cover only necessary Association costs and expenses, there may be minor "excess member income" due to the timing of transactions and estimates made during the budgeting process. 
Meeting Q&A:
There were several owners that attended the meeting and the questions and answers discussed at the time of meeting are provided below for reference:

Q: Last year Serenity Shores HOA requested that you give permission for them to NOT overseed, which was granted for the reason they provided. They are again NOT overseeding. Did they request permission this year? And if so why was it granted?
A. CCMC received an email from the Serenity Shores Community Manager on August 23 stating that they will not be overseeding this Fall due to the excess cost of seed resulting from a shortage. The Fulton Ranch Board is scheduled to discuss the communication at the September Board of Directors meeting. However, the Serenity Shores Board of Directors have the authority to make such decisions for their common area as allowed by their CC&R’s. As the internal grass cannot be seen from the Master Community, and the temporary change is not structural in nature, the request of the Serenity Shores is  merely a formality and does not require the approval of the Fulton Board of Directors.  
Q: What is the tree replacement program in the community, and how many trees have been replaced since the sissoos were removed?
A. The Community budgets roughly $10,000 for annual tree replacements and completes installations in the Spring and Fall of each year. In 2019, 532 sissoss were removed and initially replaced with 331 trees. Since that time the Association has installed 81 trees. There is an estimated $4,000 remaining in the budget, which will allow for about 13 trees for the fall planting.
Q: The trees planted in the Caribbean community appear to be smaller than 24” box. What actions are being taken to ensure the Association is receiving the exact product paid for?
A. Judi Gordon has taken a special interest in the landscaping, given her background and will be monitoring future deliveries. It is important to note that many of the nurseries are using planters rather than the standard box sizes, however, many of those in planters were verified to be of the caliber approved.
If you should have any additional questions of the Board, please submit a comment card via the link below for consideration and review of the Board of Directors. 
Thank you to all that participated in the 2021 Fulton Ranch Homeowner's Association election and Annual Meeting, we look forward to another successful year!
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