Why are the fish dying, and what are we doing about it?
Posted on Jan 26th, 2021

The fish passing are of the tilapia species. While the Association does not stock the species, the fish have found our lake system nonetheless. Unfortunately, tilapia are not built for colder weather and naturally pass when waters reach below 55 degrees. In addition, when passing, Tilapia will sink for up to two weeks before floating to the surface. This phenomenon leads to groups of fish showing at once and in abundance. Rest assured, there is no danger to the other wildlife within the community and there is no public health risk.
To address this concern the Association has increased the service provided by the Association Aquatic Maintenance contractor. The contractor has been on property five days a week to remove the passing fish and will do so until no longer necessary.
For more information, view the Arizona Game & Fish news notice and flyer pertaining to the concern.
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