2020 Painting Project Notification
Posted on Nov 10th, 2020

In accordance with the 2020 Reserve Study, the Board of Directors approved the painting of the Community mailboxes and correlating awnings in addition to the four entrance planters at Crescent Falls. The project is scheduled to begin tomorrow, November 11, and is estimated to take ten days. Please review the following project FAQ's for detailed information.
Please note, your awareness of the workers during the duration of the project is greatly appreciated! By driving through the neighborhood safely and mitigating distractions you will ensure the safety of all individuals.
Project FAQ's:
Will access to the mailboxes be impacted?
No, the mailboxes will remain accessible during the duration of the project. Dobroski Paint will tape each individual lock during maintenance to ensure the lock mechanism are not compromised.
How long will it take for the paint to dry?
It is estimated that the paint will take 1 to 2 hours to dry completely. Therefore, should you access your mail directly after service, please refrain from touching the surface of the cluster. 
What hours will the crew be onsite?
Dobroski Paint will be on site Monday through Saturday between the hours of 7 AM and 5 PM.
Will the road be blocked during the time of maintenance?
No, however, Dobroski Paint will utilize traffic safety measures, such as cones, to ensure the safety of their team.
When will my specific location be serviced?
Dobroski Paint will begin the project tomorrow by completing power washing at each site. The painting is scheduled to begin November 12, and it is estimated that three mailboxes will be completed each day. The Crescent Falls entrance planters is estimated to take one to two days to complete. The project will begin in the Mediterranean neighborhood, continue through the Caribbean, Island, Monterey, Shoreline, Aegean Cove and Gallery neighborhoods and will finish with the planters at the entrance of Crescent Falls as provided within the following sequence:
1. W. Powell Way - Adjacent to 4792 S Tumbleweed Ct.
2. S. Fern Drive - Adjacent to 693 W San Carlos Way
3. S. Oregon St. - Adjacent to 94 W Blue Ridge Way
4. S. Eileen Dr. - Adjacent to 58 W Powell Way
5. S. Ethan Pl. - Adjacent to 527 W Rio Grande Dr.
6. S. Tumbleweed Pl. - Adjacent to 619 W Coconino Pl. 
7. S. Pleasant Pl. - Adjacent to 693 W. Alamosa Dr. 
8. S. Emerson St. - Adjacent to 792 W. Zion Pl.
9. W Zion Pl. - Adjacent to 522 W. Zion Pl. 
10. S. Pacific Dr. - Adjacent to 354 W. Grand Canyon
11. W. Alamosa Dr. - Adjacent to 306 W. Alamosa Dr. 
12. S. Oregon Ct.  - Adjacent to 71 W. Coconino Pl. 
13. 4 Entrance Planters at Crescent Falls
We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience during this time of maintenance!
Please do not hesitate to contact CCMC at (480) 624-7046, or, with any questions or concerns. 

during business hours

for after hours emergencies