Community Reopening Plan
Posted on May 12th, 2020

To address how the Association will approach the reopening of the community, your Board of Directors has partnered with CCMC to create and adopt a Community Reopening Plan.
The purpose of establishing the plan is to create a road map for reopening the community following the recognized COVID-19 health emergency. The plan includes details regarding the reopening of the closed amenities and resuming community lifestyle events in addition to operational practices, such as in-person Board meetings. The plan is designed to be enacted in a phased approach based on relevant criteria such as:
  • Regulations and guidelines set by Federal, State and Municipal Governments;
  • Guidance and regulations set by various health and safety organizations;
  • Guidance received by the Association legal counsel & insurance representatives.
As the Board appreciates your partnership and cooperation, the Community Reopening Plan is available for your reference. However, please understand, as the COVID-19 health emergency is ever evolving, the reopening plan is intended to be a living document and may be adjusted without notice as the situation continues to evolve. Further, please note, the Board of Directors may adjust the phased approach as necessary to ensure the Community's health, safety and best interests are taken into consideration.
You may find the Community Plan on the Fulton Ranch website in the Documents section under "Policies and Rules".
Further communications will be provided as the Association enters each phase via e-newsletter. The most current/up to date information can also be found in the announcements section on the Fulton Ranch website.
As a reminder, you may access COVID-19 resources by visiting the following links in addition to calling the hotline 2-1-1:
Until such time we connect again, we wish you health and safety to you and your family.

during business hours

for after hours emergencies