Proposed Residential Security Guideline - Feedback Encouraged
Posted on Jul 8th, 2020

The charge of the Design Review Committee is to enhance property values and maintain the high standards of development that exist within Fulton Ranch through the review and approval of architectural and landscape improvements within the Master Association. To facilitate this charge, per the governing documents, no new construction, modification or repair shall commence without the approval of the Design Review Committee. The Design Review Guidelines were created to provide clear guidance to the members when completing applications for review by the Committee, as well as to provide guidance to the Committee when reviewing such applications.
The Association, however, does not currently have guidelines referring to the installation of residential security cameras. Recognizing this void in guidance, the Design Review Committee approved the proposed Security Camera Guidelines at the May 18, 2020 Design Review Committee meeting. The intent of the guideline, as proposed, is not to discourage installation, rather to protect the privacy of neighboring properties, while providing guidance to residents when applying for the modification.
The proposed guidelines were presented to the Board of Directors for review at the June 25, 2020 Board of Directors meeting. As the Board of Directors values your feedback as members of the Association, the proposed guideline is available here for your review and comment.
The Board of Directors will be reviewing the feedback of the membership in conjunction with the draft document at the August 27 Board of Directors meeting. Therefore, if you wish to review and comment on the draft, please do so prior to 5PM on August 14, 2020.
You may provide comments here in the article by selecting "add comment" below or email your Community Manager at Thank you in advance for your participation! 
The proposed Residential Security Guideline is as follows:
Doorbells with video capabilities installed on the front door do not require submittal to the Design Review Committee. All other video monitoring systems require written approval prior to installation. Security camera housings must match the home's paint color and should be mounted in a visually unobtrusive location. Cables and cords must be tacked to the home inconspicuously, or otherwise concealed, or painted to blend with surrounding materials. Cameras that are aimed Common Areas or jeopardize the presumed privacy of neighboring properties are not permissible. Panning cameras with a dome enclosure obscuring camera direction will be accepted in fully enclosed courtyard areas only. 
For the application to be considered, owners must demonstrate through supplemental documentation to the Design Review Committee the mounting position and location as well as the direction and radius coverage provided by the camera. Failure to provide this demonstration will result in automatic denial. 
Comment By: Jill Rossi
Posted on Jul 10, 2020

I do not believe approval from the design committee is needed if the specific requirements are established in the CC&Rs along with ramifications for violations to the terms. My Other concern is the usage of the data captured. I believe a resident should have an option to have their information removed if a request is made.

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