Proposed Design Review Guideline Introduction - Feedback Encouraged
Posted on Jul 8th, 2020

A major component of the Design Review Guideline document is to assist residents in preparing an application to the Design Review Committee for architectural and landscape improvements within the Master association. To ensure that the document is clear in meeting its' objective, the Design Review Committee approved revisions to the introductory section of the document at the June 15 Design Review Committee meeting. 
The revisions reduced redundancy and clarified language that was previously confusing. In addition, the document was revised to include a Table of Contents to create organization for easier navigation and readability. 
The proposed revisions were provided for the consideration of the Board of Directors at the June 25 meeting. The Board of Directors are seeking feedback from the members of the Fulton Ranch Homeowners Association prior to approving the proposed revision. Your feedback regarding the readability and clarity of the document and process would be most appreciated. 
The Board of Directors will be reviewing the feedback received at the August 27 Board meeting, therefore, please submit your comments prior to 5PM on August 14. 
To review the document, please navigate to the Documents tab of this website. The document posted for comment is titled "DRC Guideline Introduction Revision - Feedback Encouraged" and is located in the Design & Landscape Guidelines and Forms section under the "Master" category. If you wish to compare the revision to the current document, you may do so by reviewing the document titled "02AJ ARC Design Guidelines" in the same section of the website. 
You may provide a comment by selecting "Add Comment" below or by emailing your Community Manager at 
Thank you very much in advance for your feedback and participation!
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