Working Together to Keep the Wildlife Wild
Posted on Aug 30th, 2021

As wildlife continue to venture into suburban areas, they will be seeking food, water and cover to create a habitat. Given the 55 acres of common area and permanent access to an abundant water supply, Fulton Ranch is prime real estate for migrating wildlife! Considering the lush foliage and easy water access within the Island neighborhood, these sightings are not surprising.
While it is easy to appreciate our feathered neighbors, having uninvited visitors, such as raccoon and skunks, can feel quite unnerving. By working together to keep the wildlife wild we can mitigate undesirable interactions. 
How You Can Help:
According to the Arizona Game & Fish Department, an estimated 75% of the wildlife calls received by AZGFD in the valley can be linked to a nearby neighbor feeding the animals. In addition, many of our daily habits, such as how we store garbage, may accidently be sending mixed messages.
By following the below tips provided by AZGFD, you can assist in creating and maintaining a healthy boundary between your home and the wildlife within Fulton Ranch:
  • Secure garbage cans and store out of sight, consider storing the cans within the garage throughout the evening hours. 
  • Avoid feeding wildlife, or leaving food accessible. This is particularly important for the animals to be considered prey, such as fowl and felines.
  •  Use repellents such as garlic, vinegar, or cayenne pepper as appropriate in your gardens and yards
  • Do not condone visitation by ignoring the animal; make the visitation unwelcome by clapping your hands, or banging on pots and pans, to mitigate future visitations. 
It is important to remember that setting boundaries for wildlife requires teamwork and consistency. 
How the HOA Can Help
The Association partners with Critter Getter to relocate animals such as raccoons and skunks. Trapping, however, is not a guarantee and the efforts are quire costly. For these reasons, trapping is dispatched as individual programs rather than a continuous year round effort. Please report any sightings of dens or animal created habitats to the Association for further investigation. Reports will be discussed with Critter Getter for the potential of future trapping programs. 
Can we feed our beautiful feathered friends?
Many of the birds within Fulton Ranch are migratory in nature, and it is important that they remain wild in order to survive. It is for this purpose that feeding the wild fowl is not recommended. There is plenty of food within our natural environment and while it feels like a wonderful connection with the fowl, feeding the wild animals actually has a negative impact on the animal and its' future. Additionally, it is important to understand that breads, crackers, and other processed foods have no nutritional value for the fowl. Instead, if full on these foods, the fowl then do not seek foods that provide actual nourishment and result in a malnourished bird. 
Thank you for your partnership in the endeavor of recreating the boundaries with our wildlife neighbors. If you should have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact CCMC at
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